E-liquids with CBD

 Will be of great help to you in case of difficulty to stray you away from nicotine! Before detailing their benefits and their mechanisms of action on the body of smokers, we must highlight one important point: nicotine and CBD do not mix together! If you do not risk anything by mixing them, it is disadvised to do so since they have antagonistic effects, ie contrary. Vaper cannabidiol should be done within 4 hours or before vape of nicotine e-liquid.

A recent study has shown that cannabidiol (CBD) could be used as a smoking cessation method. This substance from cannabis has no psychotropic effect such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Also, these results give hope to many smokers who want to quit smoking.

The experiments conducted by Chandni Hindocha, PhD student at the University of London focused on the attention bias of smokers. This thinking mechanism is based on our natural tendency to focus our minds on our interests. In the case of a smoker, his attention will be particularly attracted by cigarettes especially in times of lack.

A panel of 30 smokers aged 18 to 50 years was selected for this study. Participants had to smoke at least 10 cigarettes a day for at least 1 year. Their dependence on nicotine was assessed via the Fagerström test. This test developed by a Swedish researcher in 1978 allows through a series of 6 questions to quantify the addiction of an individual.

To analyze their attention bias, the participants were placed in front of a screen where images appeared very briefly. Then, a cursor appeared and the smoker had to click very quickly on a photo. Obviously among the series of pictures presented, a number recalled the world of cigarettes. A person lacking nicotine will unconsciously tend to select most of these latest illustrations.

Each test was performed three times at three-day intervals under different conditions. On the first day, the study was done while the guinea pigs had just been smoking a cigarette. The second set of measures was conducted after 12-hour smoking abstinence and on the last day, some smokers ingested one capsule containing 800 mg of CBD and the other part a lactose powder placebo. The results obtained are unequivocal. Smokers who swallowed CBD had a reduced attention bias towards the reduced cigarette compared to participants who received a placebo.

This study suggests that CBD could be a very interesting nicotine substitute. However, to validate this hypothesis, larger-scale and long-term experiments need to be performed.

The first thing to know about CBD or cannabidiol is that it is a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive effect. In other words, it does not act on the central nervous system, unlike nicotine. Instead of waking up like nicotine whose absorption releases adrenaline, CBD has a relaxing effect. But it is also a product that would act against the phenomenon of addiction!

The addiction responds to a simple pattern: the desire to consume a substance becomes so strong that the person who suffers it loses control over his own consumption and finds himself trapped in a vicious circle that is difficult to break out … But precisely, the CBD will act on the neurotransmitter anandamide, which will directly affect the level of the reward system and will help the person suffering from addiction unless they feel this profound withdrawal-related lack.

The fact of vape e-liquid CBD in case of withdrawal with nicotine allows you to fight against the desire to light a cigarette by steaming on an electronic cigarette reproducing the same gestures but also by acting on your body. Faced with a crisis of lack, you are tense and depressed? E-liquids at CBD will have a relaxing effect and will give you a feeling of happiness and well-being. What to do to pass your crisis without cracking for e-liquid with nicotine nor for a cigarette!

E-liquids at CBD are therefore quite effective at stopping smoking cigarettes. But can they be so to stop using cannabis? For joint smokers who mix tobacco and marijuana, quitting smoking is even more complex than simply saying stop smoking. Fortunately, cannabidiol e-liquids help stop the fumette!

Thanks to its properties that would promote the fight against addiction, the CBD helps people addicted to cannabis to gradually get rid of this desire. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid in the same way as THC, but it is very different! With CBD, you will not have a high or stone effect. Just a feeling of well-being, enough to support you to go beyond your desire to smoke a joint.

The other advantage of e-liquids in CBD is that they exist with many flavors. Many of them contain terpenes directly from hemp plants. Thus, you can vapote e-liquid with CBD with an aroma close to certain cannabis strains: OG Kush, Orange Bud, Super Skunk, Amnesia … If your dependence was also related to the flavor of hemp, the terpenes of eliquides at CBD will you bluff with the flavors and smells they can find!