The arrival of this product in the electronic cigarette was quite predictable, however most of the actors of the vape have specialized in the problems faced by tobacco smokers. Which means that they are still not up to date on CBD best practices. I have personally been able to see professionals test e-liquid dosages over 1000 mg of CBD claiming it was nothing (we could compare this to vape a nicotine booster).

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance of the cannabinoid group. Phytocannabinoids to be precise, which means that the substance is naturally present in the plant (as opposed to synthetic molecules). For information, this group does not include less than 113 active substances. Be careful not to confuse cannabidiol with the famous (THC) tetrahydrocannabinol and (CBN) cannabinol belonging to the same group but are very different.

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. That is, there is no direct effect on the nervous system. (Reminder: tobacco and alcohol are rather heavy psychoactive substances).

It is within the framework of neuropsychiatric research (mainly on epilepsy and schizophrenia) that science has become interested in CBD and much of what is known today is derived from this scientific work.

This is already a good first point for the CBD: it is primarily because the previous treatments were not very effective and had side effects that the medical research looked at the cannabinoids which gave very positive results while respecting the human metabolism. Needless to say, the doses used in the research far outweigh anything we will encounter in a context of vaping even with context of edibles such as CBD gummies UK.

What is the use of CBD in the electronic cigarette?

To put it very simply, when it is vaporised, CBD is to cannabis what Nicotine is to tobacco. This is a way of isolating the product that interests us without having to bear all the substances and undesirable effects that accompany it.

We can already anticipate that three profiles of CBD vapers will potentially emerge

Vaping CBD to reduce or stop cannabis use.
Vaping CBD to relax and unwind.
Vaping CBD as a recreational practice (may sometimes join the other two profiles).

Cannabis Liquid: What is it?

The liquid is, as the name suggests, a liquid obtained from propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. One can also add to the preparation an infinity of aromas to perfume it, as well as nicotine to reproduce the sensation of the cigarette.


The cannabis liquid is therefore a liquid that is infused with cannabis. During the infusion process, the herb is mixed and heated with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The final product is a vaporizable liquid containing cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) and terpenes.

Depending on the desired effects, one can create different types of liquids with a concentration of cannabinoids more or less important. There are two particularly popular types of e-liquid cannabis: CBD liquids, cannabidiol concentrates and legal, and THC liquids, tetrahydrocannabinol concentrates and illegal liquids.

How to use e-liquid with CBD?

The liquids are sold in the form of small bottles of about 5 cl or special cartridges for vaporizer. Many models of dry herb vapos are not compatible with e liquids but there are some exceptions such as Volcano that can vaporize both.

To consume your e liquid CBD, you will need to get a liquid vaporizer. There is now a host of models, including pen type, for this purpose. It is usually enough to pour a little liquid into the room provided and then heat it to get a vapor that you inhale.

What are the benefits of e-liquid CBD?

CBD Vape Pen uses with CBD E Liquids

As we have seen above, disposable CBD Pen has properties that THC does not have and thus has a number of advantages over it. E-liquid CBD is not addictive and does not have the side effects of THC, such as sleep disturbance or increased appetite. It also acts as a pain reliever as well as an anxiolytic whereas the THC tends rather to generate anxiety. In sum, CBD has real relaxing properties and no consequences on the brain, unlike THC.

CBD liquids are available in several different CBD levels. they do not have nicotine, because the combination of nicotine (stimulant) and CBD (calming) can lead to the loss of effects two molecules, the effects “cancel each other out”, it is therefore of no use to have or add nicotine in these liquids.

Liquids have several levels of CBD, usually between 100 and 500mg. The rate corresponds to the concentration of CBD in the 10ml bottle. Without surprises, the higher the rate, the more the effects are felt.

The frequency of vape on a CBD liquid is not the same as on a classic e-liquid: in fact the liquid CBD is used for a few minutes in a day, do not overdo it all day especially when you are at your place of work or before taking the car. Use it during a moment of relaxation.

If you use too much liquid CBD sleep effect can be felt, it is necessary in this case to stop vape for a moment.

Liquid CBD can be used on any material, it depends on the feeling of each, if the effects are too strong, you must take a little less powerful material, but we advise you to start on a small equipment.